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Dairygold Nomination to Ornua Board

Dairygold Nomination to Ornua Board

30th September 2020

Dairygold has nominated Edmund Lynch as its non-conflicted nominee to the new Ornua Board.

Edmund has resigned as Director of Dairygold and will be taking up the directorship in Ornua in accordance with Ornua’s new governance structures and requirements.

Edmund is a dairy farmer from Ladysbridge, outside Castlemartyr in East Cork. He has been a member of the Dairygold Board since January 2012 and served as Vice Chairman since January 2018.

He has significant board experience, having served on all Board Sub Committees of Dairygold during his tenure in office (Audit & Risk, Remuneration, Acquisition & Investment, Rules) and also holds a number of external Board appointments.

During his Board tenure, Edmund completed the Diploma in Corporate Direction (Food Business) in UCC in conjunction with ICOS.

Edmund has been a member of the Dairygold East Cork Regional Committee since 2003 and the Dairygold General Committee since 2004.