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Our Strategy Our Future 2030

Dairygold takes immense pride in its historic achievements, and in the last decade, through significant investment in the appropriate infrastructure across the Business, facilitated its
Members’ growth ambitions, that the post quota era brought. There are strong foundations in place to avail of the opportunities and face the challenges that lie ahead.

In 2022, the Society carried out a Strategic Review, to reflect, align and reconnect to our strategic direction, taking into account the shifts in consumer trends and preferences, global market dynamics and the increased focus on the environment and sustainability.

The Senior Leadership Team, with over 50 colleagues from across the Business, completed a Strategic Review, to determine the future ambition and direction for the Society
‘Our Strategy Our Future 2030’. Dairygold is focusing its efforts across five key pillars:


The Society has significant ambition and the achievement of its goals can deliver improved farm profitability and sustainability, together with delivering strong and sustainable growth for the Business. We are standing at the threshold of an era of new opportunities, which will set the Business on a new, innovative and sustainable growth path. This is a very exciting time for Dairygold and as we progress this journey, we look forward to sharing its successes with all Stakeholders.


Our Values
Our Values

Our Values

Our values are led by our deep-rooted tradition as a rural, community-oriented co-operative of hardworking farmers and families. Everything we do comes from that grassroots focus on quality, honesty and community. These values allow us to build and maintain long-term relationships with shareholders, customers and employees.