Liquid Cheese

Building on twenty years of market insight and customer satisfaction, our UK operation in Leeds have established DFI UK as the leading British Supplier of Quality, award winning soft cheese

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Product Description

We use the purest ingredients, along with artisan cheese-making expertise and technical skill to produce a variety of world-class cheese. Our natural liquid cheese can partially replace hard cheese in convenience foods.
Dairygold Liquid Cheese is lower in fat and salt than cheddar with a lower pH to assist CCP (Critical Control Point) in manufacturing. Prices for liquid cheese are less affected by market volatility compared to other dairy commodities, making it a more cost-effective option. We offer several fat percentage variations of our liquid cheese, including:

8% Fat Liquid Cheese is used extensively in quiche manufacturing as a partial replacement for hard cheese.

16% Fat Liquid Cheese is ideally suitable for ready meal and sauce applications.

16% Fat Liquid Cheese Heat Stable is highly suitable for the canning industry where food products receive high heat treatment and precious flavour volatiles can be lost.

16% Fat Liquid Cheese Extra Thick is suited to a more robust manufacturing process where standard liquid cheese may be 'too liquid' for some applications, such as savoury bakes, pies and pastries.


Dairygold liquid cheese are developed to partially replace hard cheese in a variety of applications in the convenience food sectors. For example, savoury bakes, ready meals and sandwich fillers, pizzas, soups and sauces.



10kg buckets and 1000L pallecons