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Dairygold’s success comes from more than 150 years of farming heritage and dairy processing excellence. The majority of our shareholder members are farmers operating family-run dairy farms that have been passed down over generations. This proud farming tradition in Ireland’s fertile Golden Valleys, coupled with efficiency and innovation, has ensured Dairygold’s position in becoming a leading global player in dairy nutrition.

Our members have been extremely resilient in the face of many challenges, from volatile prices to new stringent regulations and quality control requirements. By working together as one co-operative with one clear vision, we are always able to successfully overcome these adversities, gaining strength from them. The willingness of our farmers to draw insight from national and international research, adopt new technologies, practices and processes, and share their experiences with each other, enables us to remain leaders in the industry. With the demand for dairy ingredients set to double by 2050, the future looks bright for our members, and for future generations.


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Online Services
Online Services

Online Services

Dairygold has premium online service options available to both farmer suppliers and customers. This allows our users confidential access to their personal account information on the following topics:



Milk Suppliers:
• Access to milk supply details, results, milk payments, milk statements and advisory notes.

• Access to purchase details, farm data, and news.

Milk Recording:
• Access to all milk recording data, both current and historical, for the herd.

Harvest Grain:
• online access to details of all loads supplied to Dairygold.


Member Relations

Farmers interact with the business at many levels be it with the Co-op Superstore, technical advisors, nutritionists, milk quality advisors, area sales managers, customer-service telephone teams, seconded experts from Teagasc, the transport team, or through internet services.

Member Relations

A combination of on-farm meetings, Co-op store visits, demonstration farm walks and phone contact ensures an appropriate level of service relevant to the individual’s needs. Our shareholder member farmers have an additional point of contact and communication through their local committee representative, board member or the Co-op Member Relations Manager.

Milk Quality
Milk Quality

Milk Quality

Milk quality and traceability are key priorities for Dairygold. We work closely with our farmers to ensure they use the latest and most advanced farming practices and technology. From there, our products are transported using our own tanker fleet to our industry-leading facilities to be processed into gold standard cheese and dairy ingredients for our partners and customers.

We continuously invest in world-class equipment to ensure our quality remains consistent. By doing this, we are able to feed the growing global population nutrient-rich dairy products that can be traced to the lush green pastures of Europe’s most fertile farmland. This is especially important in the infant formula nutrition sector, where extremely high standards of traceability and safety are required.