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Collaboration Opportunities

At Dairygold we have a proud history of very successful partnerships and collaborations with businesses, research agencies and universities; and while we strive to continue to leverage our existing partnerships we are also committed and eager to establish and progress with new partnerships and collaborations.

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Dairygold is proud of its innovation history. However, we are aware that there are people, businesses and institutions who have capabilities to complement, support and accelerate our innovation processes. We are therefore continuously seeking third party co-operation and involvement as we believe that sharing in innovation can lead to the development of next generation products for the food and nutrition industry globally.

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Across our Cheese and Dairy Nutrition categories we supply many different sectors within the food, beverage and dairy industries from infant nutrition, cheese solutions and confectionary. We have the skills, facilities and network to deliver ingredients for a variety of applications and end product solutions.

Please contact our innovation team by following the ‘Get in Touch’ link.