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Soft Cheese

Building on twenty years of market insight and customer satisfaction, our UK operation in Leeds have established DFI UK as the leading British supplier of quality, award-winning soft cheese.

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Dairygold Food Ingredients – Leeds offering

DFI’s Soft Cheese range is a versatile, award winning cultured dairy offering and is a core product for the Leeds sector of the business. Available in American style, Full fat, Medium fat, Reduced fat, Soured cream and Crème fraiche. The products come in 2kg tubs, 11kg buckets, 8kg, 10kg, or 11kg bag in tray and one tonne pallecons.

The Soft Cheese is used in a variety of savoury and sweet products, including:

• Ready meals
• Quiches
• Desserts – cheesecake etc.
• Sushi
• Pasties and pastry bakes
• Sandwiches
• Party food – cheese bites etc.
• Tinned foods – macaroni cheese etc.
• Dips, soups and sauces
• Pasta
• Salad

Our customers

We are selling our products to Food Manufacturers and Foodservice operators.

Customer Proposition

Our award-winning products have been recognised in a number of prestigious cheese awards.

The products are ideal for a variety of applications and available in varying fat levels to support customers who may be challenged by consumers and retailers on nutritional value and salt content.

• Award winning
• Dedicated NPD support and resources
• Excellent customer service team
• Natural, clean products
• Versatile and available in varying formats
• Produced at a BRC A site

Customer Proposition

The manufacturing process

The ingredients are mixed together, pasteurised and homogenised. The product is then cultured and fermented overnight.

Recent Investments

Recently we have invested in an upgraded development kitchen, this will support us to drive the Soft Cheese offering with new and existing customers as it allows us to work more closely with them on product usage and application.

The introduction of the new bag in tray line has allowed us to extend our format offering to include 11kg, 10kg and 8kg bags.