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Innovation Culture

Dairygold has a well invested innovation program centred out of our Innovation Centre in Mitchelstown, with a comprehensive laboratory and pilot plant facilities, and a highly educated, multi-disciplined and multi-cultural R&D team.

Our goal is to add value to key strategic product categories driven by quality improvements, product innovation and renovation, process optimisation and evaluation of new technologies. Focusing on an insight led and customer centric approach, our innovation team strives to ensure we create value for our customers and shareholders.

Moorepark Technology

Food For Health Ireland



Collaborative Innovation

Innovation excellence is a cornerstone of our business, whether working in close collaboration with key customers together with our sales and marketing teams; or working with external institutions, universities and research agencies.

Our culture is one based on innovation. In order to be market led, our R&D team has developed key relationships across a wide network of external academic institutions and agencies.

Moorepark Technology Ltd.

Moorepark Technology Centre (MTL) is a joint venture company established by Teagasc with Dairygold as key shareholder and Board member. MTL is only 20 minutes from our Innovation Centre in Mitchelstown.


Innovation Partnerships

Dairygold recognises the importance of investing in sophisticated, collaborative research and innovation, and is a key contributor and founding partner in both:

  • Food for Health Ireland (FHI)
  • Dairy Processing Technology Centre (DPTC)


We have extensive cross functional relationships across both organisations working collaboratively with academics from all the main Irish universities to deliver an insight-led and customer focused innovation pipeline, including partnerships and licenses.


Insight Driven Innovation

We are bringing an increased focus to both market and customer demand. Insights from both will be central to our future investments in research and innovation initiatives with a greater focus on product development that is insights based.

It is this market led focus which will be a key driving force in our on-going and future investment in innovation, research and development. This approach will improve the success rate of translating R&D outputs into commercial products within both our existing mature markets such as the UK or rapidly growing food markets across Asia Pacific.