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A Message from Conor Galvin, CEO


Dairygold is Ireland’s largest farmer-owned co-operative. Our members and employees have a committed work ethic and are proud to be part of a trusted global company.

All our shareholder farmers meet the most stringent environmental guidelines, ensuring our farming practices are safe and sustainable. By doing this, we are safeguarding the Golden Valleys for future generations, so that this precious region can continue to nourish the world into the future.

Dairy Nutrition
Dairy Nutrition

Dairy Nutrition

Our deep-rooted farming heritage has been combined over the years with a focus on adding value through innovation and technology to become a global player in dairy nutrition. From the lush green Golden Valleys of Munster, our farmer shareholders produce quality-assured, naturally-sourced raw materials that we turn into premium cheese and dairy ingredients.

By focussing heavily on adding value along the production line, we ensure a strong and positive future for our shareholders and our community. That is achieved through the right investments in smart, innovative research, education, processing plants, equipment and technology. These diversifications, along with our increased raw material capacity, have been strategically developed to meet the imminent demand of our growing global population.

With a Plan in Place
With a Plan in Place

With a Plan in Place

In the lead-up to the European milk quota abolition in 2015, every strain of our co-operative worked hard to set out our production and capacity goals. With a strong vision and plan in place, we are delivering on a promise to our shareholders and customers, to add value to our gold standard raw materials. By doing this, we are able to supply the global market with the highest quality nutritional ingredients in the world.

With the global population set to double by 2050, we have a long-term vision and strategic plan in place to feed the world. By becoming a preferred supplier of nutritional ingredients, we will ensure better returns for our shareholders, and supply premium nutritional ingredients to the world.”