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Specialty Cheese

Dairygold’s specialty cheese facility, nestled on Ireland’s south coast in Mogeely, combines tradition and passion to create a unique variety of cheese products.

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Product Description

Dairygold Food Ingredients’ reputation in the manufacture of speciality cheeses is driven by our ability to blend the artisan practices of traditional cheese-making with cutting-edge technology. Our three dedicated cheese lines and maturation room at our Mogeely site allow for great versatility, enabling DFI to offer a wide range of top-quality cheeses for our customers.

Imokilly Regato

A premium Italian style hard cheese, produced to an authentic recipe which gives the cheese its characteristic piquant flavour, dry firm texture and light creamy colour. The cheese was awarded PDO status in recognition of its unique qualities. Only cheese made at the Mogeely dairy, using milk exclusively sourced from local farms and made to our recipe, can be truely called Imokilly Regato.

In addition to the traditional standard Imokilly Regato , we have developed Regato Light as a reduced fat, healthy option and Smoked Regato for more sophisticated tastes.


Regorrio has a bold flavour profile that resonates of Italian hard cheese, but in a semi-hard sliceable format. As it ages, Regorrio develops a unique combination of savoury and mature flavours that are full bodied and balanced. Regorrio will add depth and flavour to a variety of recipes and will grate, slice or melt. It has a rich golden colour with a firm, smooth texture. This versatile cheese complements a wide array of culinary creations—from classic sandwiches to sophisticated charcuterie boards.


Maasdam cheese has distinct nutty flavours and a semi-hard texture. The interior of the cheese has a host of round holes of varying size, also known as "eyes”. These are formed during the aging process and further enhance the cheese's visual appeal. The texture is smooth and springy. Its flavour and texture make it a perfect choice for various culinary applications. Whether sliced or grated, it is an excellent addition to sandwiches, burgers, and wraps, imparting its unique taste to every bite.

Irish Swiss

Irish Swiss cheese exhibits a similar nuttiness and creaminess as seen in our Maasdam but with enhanced sweetness and complexity. Ireland, known for its lush green landscapes and dairy farming practices, provides an ideal environment for raising quality cattle and producing exceptional milk. This high-quality milk becomes the foundation for the production of our Irish Swiss cheese, offering a unique twist to traditional Swiss flavours. This cheese produces beautiful glossy eyes, golden colours, and a firm but elastic texture.


Ballycashel has a smooth texture and rich, buttery taste. This full-fat cheese matures quickly, allowing it to develop a delicate yet distinctive, lactic flavour. This cheese is notably easy to slice yet retains its shape well. Its creamy nature makes it perfect for melting, making it an excellent choice for sandwiches, burgers, and grilled cheese. The cheese's mild flavour also makes it an ideal ingredient for gourmet macaroni and cheese, quiches, and cheesy pasta dishes. Ballycashel has a close, well-knit texture and a pale yellow colour throughout.