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Dairygold’s traceability measures are precise and detailed, covering every single tier of the cheese and dairy ingredient chain. All our products can be traced from our state-of-the-art processing plants back to grass fed cows in the nutrient-rich fertile Golden Valleys of Munster. In addition we can supply fully traceable animal compound feeds from our UFAS accredited feed mill.

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Milk Quality
Milk Quality

Milk Quality

Milk quality and traceability are key priorities for Dairygold. We work closely with our farmers to ensure they use the latest and most advanced farming practices and technology. From there, our products are transported using our own tanker fleet to our industry-leading facilities to be processed into gold standard cheese and dairy ingredients for our partners and customers.

We continuously invest in world-class equipment to ensure our quality remains consistent. By doing this, we are able to feed the growing global population nutrient-rich dairy products that can be traced to the lush green pastures of Europe’s most fertile farmland. This is especially important in the infant formula nutrition sector, where extremely high standards of traceability and safety are required.

We are proud to have an unrivalled reputation in this industry, producing quality-assured infant nutrition ingredients that fully satisfy the exacting standards of that sector.