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Cheddar Cheese

DFI Ireland’s world class processing facility at Clonmel Road, Mitchelstown is one of the largest and efficient Cheddar Plants in Europe.

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Product Description

Our award-winning Cheddar has exceptional flavor characteristics, combining the purest ingredients with artisan cheese-making expertise and technical skill.
Glenor's Cheddar is a premium Irish Cheddar with a world-class pedigree. Our extensive experience in, and understanding of, the manufacturing and applications of Cheddar cheese ensures we meet our clients’ high expectations every time, in terms of quality, taste and consistency.


Glenor Cheddar is suitable for retail, food services, and ingredient applications, such as processed cheese. It is a perfect table cheese, completing any cheese-board and providing the ideal finish to any meal. It is also an excellent ingredient in salads, quiches and as a topping for savoury baked dishes and ready meals.


Through specialist state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, Glenor Cheddar is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of modern manufacturing environments, rigorous accreditation standards and demanding consumer tastes. Functionality and flavour are our key focus areas. These attributes are available in a variety of product solutions from a simple block of cheese through to grated, sliced, diced and bowl chop for complete ease of use.


  • 2017

    Gold Medal for Non UK Mature Cheddar at the Global Cheese Awards

  • 2017

    Gold Medal for Single Vintage Cheddar at the Global Cheese Awards

  • 2017

    Kerrygold Trophy for best Republic of Ireland Cheddar at The International Cheese Awards

  • 2017

    Best oversees cheddar at The International Cheese Awards

  • 2016

    Gold and Bronze medals at the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich