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Innovation Strategy

As Ireland's leading farmer-owned dairy co-operative with significant knowledge of our customers and the potential applications of our ingredients, innovation is firmly at the core of our development and business strategy. Our research, development and innovation teams deliver the Dairygold added value and growth strategies through strong and effective product innovation portfolio management and governance.

Dairy Powders & Nutritionals

Bulk Cheese & Butter

Cheese Solutions


Innovation across our Ingredients

Research, development and innovation are key drivers of competitiveness and central to maintaining our competitiveness in the long term. Our innovation initiatives are focused on growth categories within our Cheese and Dairy Nutrition product categories:

  • Infant Nutrition
  • Adult and Clinical Nutrition
  • Dairy Powders and Proteins
  • Cheese NPD

Innovation across our Business

The creation of new strategic investment options will provide the stepping stones for future growth and we will continue to invest appropriately to build on our existing core focus areas while developing our capabilities in new growth categories.







Innovation across our People

At Dairygold, we invest in more than just infrastructure. We understand that innovation is driven by the quality of our people and the way that we collaborate with customers. We have a highly trained, multi-disciplined and multi-cultural R&D team with a passion for learning, innovation and collaboration.