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Nutrition Grade SMP

Dairygold Food Ingredients is dedicated to ensuring quality starts on the farm, where milk from our members’ herds, grazing on natural pastures, is produced to the highest hygiene standards.

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Product Description

Traceability and control over the raw material is therefore guaranteed. A contaminant monitoring program is in place to monitor compliance with EU MRLs.

Dairygold Nutritional Grade Skim Milk Powder is produced by separating cream from carefully selected fresh whole milk, and spray drying it under tightly controlled conditions.


We adhere to impeccable standards of hygiene and produce our Nutritional Grade Skim Milk Powder in tightly controlled conditions suitable for clinical solution applications.


Dairygold Nutritional Grade Skim Milk Powder is supplied in 25kg bags with a 2 year shelflife or in lined 1000kg bulk bags.


• Dairygold Skim Milk Powder is produced from milk sourced exclusively from our own farmers, guaranteeing quality and traceability of supply, and is produced from cows fed on a natural, grass-based diet.
• Exceptionally low microbiological levels.
• Non standardised.
• High heat stability, facilitating long processing runs during manufacture.
• The mineral content is strictly monitored in order to ensure consistency and ease of use in formulation.