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Standard Operating Procedure- Milk Supplier- Feed Customer Ref COVID-19

Standard Operating Procedure- Milk Supplier- Feed Customer Ref COVID-19

13th March 2020


This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) details the procedure to be undertaken by Dairygold’s milk suppliers and Agri Customers if a case of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is confirmed on their farm.



  1. If a supplier/customer contracts or suspects they have contracted Covid-19, they must contact Dairygold who will in turn inform the relevant haulier who will notify their driver. (Refer to Table 1:- Contact Details of Milk Advisors}


  1. The supplier/customer (or whoever is carrying out milking in their absence) must ensure they wear disposable gloves during milking and clean all surfaces that the driver will come into contact with during milk collection with detergent or sanitizing solution. These include:
    • Door handles to dairy
    • Outlet of milk bulk tank
    • Cover on top of milk bulk tank
    • Control switchboard of milk bulk tank
    • Washing equipment unit
    • Any other surfaces that the driver may come into contact with


Refer to Appendix  1 – Farm to Milk Procedure – COVID-19 Positive Diagnosis
Refer to Appendix 2 – Glove Fitting Technique
  1. The supplier must provide a bin for the driver to dispose of gloves as he is leaving.


  1. Personnel on the farm are to have strictly no personal contact with the driver once he enters the yard.

Table 1 – Contact Details of Dairygold Milk Advisors

  • Ger Hennessy 086-8520792
  • Denis Guiry 086 -8098639
  • Jack Cahill 086-2628290
  • William Ryan 086-2461633
  • Maeve O’Connor 086-8354808


For further supportive information please refer to Appendix 3:- HSE Coronavirus Facts 

In terms of prevention, personal hygiene and effective cleaning techniques is critical. Please be sure to wash you hands regularly, and enhance your existing cleaning regime at farm level.

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Appendix 1:- Farm Milk Collection Delivery Procedure – COVID -19 Positive Diagnosis


Appendix 2:- Glove Fitting Technique


Appendix 3:- HSE Coronavirus Facts