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Dairygold’s specialty cheese facility, nestled on Ireland’s south coast in Mogeely, combines tradition and passion to create a unique variety of cheese products.

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We use the purest ingredients, along with artisan cheese-making expertise and technical skill to produce a variety of world-class cheese.
Jarlsberg® is a Swiss-style cheese with an Emmental-like appearance. It comes with a yellow plastic coat and a semi-firm yellow interior. The flavour is mild, buttery, nutty and slightly sweet.


Jarlsberg® is an all-purpose cheese, good both for eating as a snack and for cooking. It has a characteristic smooth, shiny, yellow body, and a supple creamy texture.



Jarlsberg® is produced by Dairygold in a 10kg block solely on behalf of the TINE SA, a Norwegian dairy company that developed the secret recipe for this unique cheese over 60 years ago. To find out more about this product, please visit