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Low Fat

Dairygold’s specialty cheese facility, nestled on Ireland’s south coast in Mogeely, combines tradition and passion to create a unique variety of cheese products. We use the purest ingredients, along with artisan cheese-making expertise and technical skill to produce a variety of world-class cheese.

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Product Description

Through years of technical expertise and cheese-making experience, we have developed Low Fat cheese options across our range of products, to complement each of our cheese types.


For the customer looking for a cheese with less fat, while still maintaining a great flavour profile, this ensures there is something in our range that will suit everyone.



We can offer a 10% Fat in a 10 kg block format, which is the ideal format for slicing. We can also provide a 14% in a 20 kg Block, or a 16% Fat cheese in a 6 kg block, which provide flexible options to meet the varying requirements of the market place.