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31st May 2019

Since 2001, June 1st, World Milk Day has been observed by the United Nations. It was initiated by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) to mark the importance of dairy. World Milk Day focuses on raising public awareness about the importance of milk as part of a healthy and balanced diet and as an agricultural product. It also aims to highlight the significance of the milk sector and milk producers, in particular, the one billion people around the world who derive their livelihoods from the dairy sector.

In 2018, World Milk Day was celebrated by over 70 countries with 586 events focusing on promoting the value of milk and illustrating the important role played by the dairy industry in the national economy.

World Milk Day will be celebrated again in 2019 on themes around nutrition, animal care, sustainability and livelihoods. It will be a unique moment for dairy farmers, processors and consumers around the world to show their love of milk and dairy products.

The fact that many countries choose to celebrate the role of dairy in our lives on the same day shows that milk is part of all diets and cultures: whether you consume milk as a breakfast drink that goes with your cereals, tea and coffee in the morning, or whether dairy products go into almost all meal preparations in the form of butter, cream or cheese.

As a food producer, Dairygold’s success is inextricably linked to the quality of our milk. The Society’s Milk Suppliers are recognised, both nationally and internationally, for producing top quality milk. Our grass-based milk production, based in the fertile Golden Valleys of Munster, means our farm operations are already some of the most sustainable in the world.

We continuously invest in world-class equipment and farming practices to ensure our quality remains consistent. By doing this, we are able to feed the growing global population nutrient-rich dairy products that can be traced to the lush green pastures of Europe’s most fertile farmland

Happy World Milk Day!