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Dairygold/TINE SA Statement regarding EPA Licence, Mogeely

Dairygold/TINE SA Statement regarding EPA Licence, Mogeely

1st September 2020

The €120 million Mogeely facility was developed in a partnership arrangement with TINE SA, Norway’s largest dairy co-op. The new facility will process local dairy farmer’s milk into Jarlsberg cheese, a premium Norwegian cheese, which will be sold across Europe, providing a Brexit proof market for milk from dairy farms across Cork.

The Jarlsberg brand is a premium quality cheese brand with a strong market in the US, Australia & Europe. Mogeely, has a long history of artisan cheese making going back a century and more and is a fitting location for the new Jarlsberg Cheese production facility.

The investment in technology is the most advanced available both for cheese making and the treatment of wastewater. Dairygold and TINE SA are committed to adhering to the most stringent environmental standards set down by the EPA.

The new facility will create 67 new jobs when fully operational. Over 200 people have worked on the two-year construction following the grant of planning permission for the facility back in 2018. The plant has started validation and commissioning.

As a farmer owned Co-Operative and food producer, Dairygold is a committed custodian of the environment, embracing sustainability at all levels of the business. Water quality, soil fertility and bio-diversity are key elements of Dairygold’s sustainability agenda.

For TINE SA, sustainability is an essential part of what we do. We prioritise producing products and services in a manner that is responsible in a global environmental context.

Dairygold/TINE SA Cheese Processing Facility, Mogeely, Co. Cork