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Dairygold Introduces Feed Rebate

Dairygold Introduces Feed Rebate

25th July 2018

Dairygold has introduced a new €10 per tonne rebate* on all purchases of Compound Ruminant Feeds, effective from Monday 23rd July to 30th of September.

Commenting on the initiative, Dairygold Chairman, John O’Gorman said: “Our priority is to introduce measures to help alleviate the current grass shortage while proactively addressing the real potential for winter fodder shortages. As a positive initiative, this €10 per tonne rebate will be a welcome additional financial support for farmers whose feed costs have increased as a result of the prolonged drought which has negatively impacted grass growth.”

“We recognise that the drought is creating stress and anxiety for many farmers and we are working tirelessly to support our Members in every way through financial support, technical and agronomy advice, feed options and feed planning. We will continue to monitor the situation over the coming weeks,” Mr O’Gorman added.

The feed rebate comes one week after Dairygold introduced a number of key mitigation measures to support farmers through the current crisis which included Interest Free Credit to all Members on purchases of feed and fertiliser in July, August and September, Grass Extender feed options and the facility to link Member grain growers with livestock farmers for direct farm-to-farm catch crop trading.

Throughout the month of August, Dairygold will also hold a series of workshops across its catchment area to give practical and specific advice on grass, forage budgets and feed plans for the upcoming autumn and winter.

These measures are designed to support farmers, mitigate the current grass shortages and to facilitate the provision of sufficient fodder for the coming winter.

Dairygold is advising its Members to contact their Area Sales Manager and/or its Agri Inside Sales team on 022-31644 for further information or help with fodder budgets and fertiliser strategies.