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Feeling good and beyond – what’s moving from niche to mainstream

Feeling good and beyond – what’s moving from niche to mainstream

17th December 2018

Recently, Dairygold Business Insights team attended the Food Matters Live Show in London, UK.

Aside from the debates and discussion on Brexit heating up the British winter, momentum around health and wellness shows no signs of slowing down.

From Niche to Mainstream

Standing at the tail end of 2018 if a consumer were to ask, what does the term ‘Healthy Food’ mean, they are bombarded on social media and in supermarkets with different health related messages such as ‘Low Calorie’, ‘Low Sugar’, ‘Free From’, ‘Clean Label’, ‘Healthy Fat’, ‘Organic’, ‘Plant-based”.  Before these claims would have been perceived as ‘Niche’ as not every consumer was aware of them. But now with the increasing consciousness of health and wellness among consumers, products with healthy claims have become the mainstream in the mass market.

Green Consumption

Amongst all the health and wellness benefits, what is the key component that really makes a consumer feel good? Consumers nowadays are not only concerned with how naturally healthy and nutritious the product is, they also care about how sustainably the product is produced. These green conscious consumers have started to rely their purchasing decisions on the sustainable production credentials.

Green consumption traces back to the green production. Dairygold’s ‘Growing Naturally’ belief is led by our deep-rooted tradition as a co-operative, where everything we do comes from that grassroots focus on quality, naturality and sustainability.

Feeling Good and Beyond

Our modern lifestyle today means consumers are becoming more sophisticated in lifestyle choice and decision making. To satisfy the appetite for consumers at different ages and occasions, health and wellness products are targeting certain groups that delivers a better tailored consumption experience, which will ultimately create the new ‘Niche’ in the market.

Fragmented eating occasions, fast-paced lifestyles, and significant rise in lifestyle diseases , has led to products that are convenient and in an  easy-to-go format. These often are low sugar and calories that are naturally nutritious.

Healthy Snackification tends to be a tailored solution for people in the workplace and it has become a prominent meal occasion during working hours.

The aging population creates the ‘Grey Hair Economy’ which in turn creates opportunity. Targeting cardio, musculoskeletal and bone health is how it usually works however promoting an aging population’s healthy lifestyle and tailoring nutrition according to their everyday lifestyle habits is where the win lies.

Great product arrives with great service, and we do so in Dairygold. While we continuously work on offering better tailored nutritional solutions to all our customers, we keep up to date with consumers’ ‘Feeling Good’ philosophy and strive to think beyond.  It’s not only the location of the Golden Valleys that makes us stand out, it’s because we care.